Mikro- Nanosystem Integration

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Reseach - Innovation - Future

CTR corporate knowlege 

The annual report of Carinthia’s non-university sensor-research centre - CTR - is online and shows a rise in research volume,  partners and team more

ASSIC opening

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Competence Center ASSIC

Austrian Smart Systems Research Integration Center

ASSIC - operated by CTR - receives COMET excellence status. Focus on micro- and nanosystem integration, well-known partners on board. more

Wireless Motion Sensor Platform

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Always in Motion

Wireless Motion Sensor Platform  

Microelectronics ensure sophisticated interaction between sensors and actuators - within a thiny space and providing a lot of information . An example. more

Research and Development Centre

Smart Sensors & Systemintegration

CTR Carinthian Tech Research AG is an industry-oriented research and development centre for smart sensors and systemintegration. As the largest non-university research centre in southern Austria, CTR has gained a reputation for expertise in R&D sensor technologies serving science and industry at both a national and international level. CTR features in the COMET programme with "ASSIC Austrian Smart Systems Integration Research Center" as a K1 centre of excellence.

CTR Research Centre for Smart Sensors

ASSIC Competence Center for Smart Systemintegration