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Sustainable Photovoltaic Systems

The Austrian lead project “Sustainable Photovoltaics” focuses on researching targeted and sustainable recycling as well as advanced material development.


When your watch measures dust particle concentration …

The EFiPaS research project revolves around the detection and characterization of the very smallest fine dust particles – virtually anywhere. In the future, users could obtain current information about particles in their surroundings, for example via a smartphone or “intelligent wearables”, in order to protect themselves from overexposure. And research in this area is already in full swing.


Three-dimensional analysis on the nanoscale

The research labs and cleanrooms are the heart of CTR’s microsystem research and the system integration of findings at the location in Villach. A brand new electron / ion microscope (FIB-SEM Dual Beam Microscope) is now available for three-dimensional analysis on the nanoscale as well as for nano structuring processes.


Congratulations to our Senior IEEE Members at CTR

The grade of “Senior Member” is highest level of recognition within the IEEE society that a professional member can directly apply for. IEEE senior memberships require extensive individual experience, professional maturity and remarkable contributions. Pascal Nicolay and Martin Kraft from CTR received this special honour.


United passion for research in Villach

People from more than 14 countries work at CTR. They all share the same passion for research and development which they contribute to operations at the CTR location on the Villach High Tech Campus. A few of them are presented here in brief portraits.


Simulation: better than reality

Even before systems or products are created, individual elements and components as well as the entire system can be tested virtually for functionality. CTR’s competence in simulation covers various areas.


Supméca and CTR collaborate

On the scientific side, the CTR cooperates with some well-known universities, including the Institut Supérieur de Mécanique de Paris - in short: Supméca. The institute belongs to France's elite engineering education centers.

Sensors and Systems Integration


Looking at the 2017 Annual Report, CTR Carinthian Tech Research AG has a very positive assessment: for the first time, the research volume increased to more than 8 million euros, the purchase of the latest research equipment and the increase in scientific publications are strengthening CTR's technological competence.



Helmut Manzenreiter, Villach's former mayor, is now establishing contacts for our country as Honorary Consul. He escorted the ambassador of Azerbaijan to Villach's "Smart Lab".



On Tuesday, February 27th, participants of the Innovation Assistant Program kicked off the prelude with a visit to the future: in the laboratories of the Research Center CTR.


Cooperation: Villach networks with northern Italy

Villach's business consultant, Deputy Mayor Dr Petra Oberrauner, received a top-business delegation from Pordenone for exciting talks on more intensive exchange of opinions and experiences as well as cooperations. Together they also visited the research center CTR.


Smart sensor network makes fit for Industry 4.0

Semiconductor systems are robust and stately on the outside, but inside they perform highly complex and sensitive processes. Smart sensors should now provide information from the heart of semiconductor systems and make the machines fit for Industry 4.0.


Research team developed new semiconductor processing technology

Results of a thesis from Vienna University of Technology in cooperation with CTR succeeded now in producing porous structures in monocrystalline silicon carbide. This opens up new possibilities for the realization of micro-and nanomachined sensors and electronic components, but also for integrated optical mirror elements to filter certain colours.


Family-friendly research

The CTR receives certificate "berufundfamilie". Thus, the research center specifically supports the compatibility of family and career as well as the principle of equal opportunities


When the Facade Supplies Power

Nine partners from industry and research looked into the complex questions of building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) and laid the foundation for new product developments.

Photonic Systems

Optical Sensor System Analyses Root Growth

Climate change brings new challenges to agriculture. In the project Hyperspectral Root Imaging, CTR developed in cooperation with the University of Agricultural Sciences (BOKU) in Vienna, a system for plant root analysis.


Award for photovoltaic research

At the Austrian Photovoltaic Conference from 13 to 14 November 2017, a jury awarded for the first time, the best scientific video. The team of the research project Infinity won this challenge. The project focuses on climate-adapted photovoltaics.


Alpenstädtebund besucht CTR

Der Alpenstädtebund feierte sein 20 Jahr Jubiläum in Villach. Die Teilnehmer aus Österreich, der Schweiz, Deutschland, Frankreich und Italien besuchten auch die Forschungslabors der CTR.


Use voice and gesture to control objects

Whether TV or smartphone - controlling devices using speech is already reality. Technology does, however, have its boundaries. The aim of the “Silense” project is to combine voice and gesture control and to improve the interaction between humans and machines.


Smart research brings science2business award 2017

The research project "SensoFood - Smart Sensors for Healty Cooking" by Philips Austria Klagenfurt, CTR Carinthian Tech Research and the partners Medical University Innsbruck and Boku Wien received a recognition certificate for the best cooperation economy and science.

Energy Globe Award 2017

Energy Globe Award Kärnten: Bleifreie Photovoltaik gewinnt

Am 3. Mai fand im Spiegelsaal der Kärntner Landesregierung die Preisverleihung zum Energy Globe Award Kärnten statt. Der Sieg in der Kategorie Erde ging an das kooperative Forschungsthema „Bleifreie Photovoltaik“ eingereicht von CTR Carinthian Tech Research und dem AIT Austrian Institute of Technology.

Forscher CTR

Smarte Sensoren für die Holzforschung

Ein österreichisches Team forscht an smarten Sensoren, um sie in Holzverbundwerkstoffe zu integrieren. Sie sollen Information über die Materialqualität oder Verschleiß liefern.


Microelectronics from Europe for the internet of things

The future will be smart: the internet of things (IoT) can connect cars, energy systems, household appliances as well as manufacturing facilities. A new project, IoSense, is aimed at advancing cost-effective production of the sensors required. 33 partners – including CTR – are working on it.

CTR Vorstandsduo

2015 Research Report

CTR Carinthian Tech Research AG is proud to report some of the highlights in 2015: the research centre invested in state-of-the-art research cleanrooms for the new premises at High Tech Campus Villach, launched the ASSIC centre of excellence, provided attractive research fields for 40 young people and conducted research totalling €7.2 million.


Auszeichnung für Martin Lenzhofer auf der GMM/DVS Fachtagung

CTR Forscher Martin Lenzhofer, Experte für Mikroelektronik und Mikrosysteme, erhält auf der 8. GMM/DVS Fachtagung den Preis für den besten aller präsentierten Beiträge. Seine Entwicklung eines miniaturisierten Projektorsystems könnte in Smartphones oder Tablet Computern als Beamer eingesetzt werden.


Zwei Technologie-Plattformen vernetzen sich in Kärnten

Die österreichischen Plattformen für Photovoltaik und Photonik veranstalteten einen Workshop zum Thema “Photovoltaic meets Photonic”. Ziel war es, sich zu vernetzen und neue Forschungsthemen zu identifizieren. Der Vernetzungsworkshop fand am 23. Feber im Villacher Forschungszentrum CTR Carinthian Tech Research statt.


Auszeichnung für Kärntner Forscher auf österreichischem und europäischem Parkett

Die Besten lernen von der Natur. Dieses Motto und die Gelehrigkeit der Forscher vom Carinthian Tech Research (CTR) dokumentiert auf einem Poster, gefiel den Teilnehmern der "13. Österreichischen Photovoltaik-Tagung" in Schwaz (Tirol) so gut, dass die Präsentation der Villacher Wissenschaftler zur Besten auserwählt wurde. Auf europäischer Ebene wurden die CTR-Forscher für die beste Präsentation auf der "European PV Solar Energy Conference" in Hamburg ausgezeichnet.


The energy-saving chips of the future: European research project PowerBase launched – CTR is on board

The research project PowerBase is developing the next generation of energy-saving chips and preparing them for mass industrial use in smartphones, laptop computers and many other applications. Coordinated by Infineon Austria, the project's € 87 million volume and 39 partners from nine countries make it the largest European microelectronics research project ever to be coordinated in Austria.


Mikrosysteme für die Gesundheit

Gesund bleiben, gesund werden und dafür vorzusorgen sind nicht nur Themen jedes Einzelnen, sondern auch Herausforderungen für die gesamte Gesellschaft. In dieser Ausgabe zeigen wir, wie intelligente Mikro- und Nanosysteme dabei unterstützen

können. Ein Beispiel führt uns in die schonende Laserchirurgie.


Stadt Villach ehrt CTR Leistungen

Die CTR Vorstände Werner Scherf und Simon Grasser erhielten das Ehrenzeichen der Stadt Villach. Sie möchten diese ehrenvolle Auszeichnung mit allen CTR Forscherinnen und Forschern teilen.

CTR Forscherin Velik ©KK

CTR Forscherin Rosemarie Velik ist FEMtech-Expertin des Monats Jänner

Um die Leistungen von Frauen und die Wichtigkeit von weiblicher Kreativität und der weiblichen Perspektive im Technologie- und Forschungsbereich sichtbar zu machen, wählt eine interdisziplinär besetzte, unabhängige Jury aus hochrangigen Vertreterinnen und Vertretern der Wirtschaft, der Wissenschaft und des Personalmanagements eine herausragende Expertin aus der FEMtech-Expertinnendatenbank auf dem Gebiet der Forschung und Technologie zur "FEMtech-Expertin des Monats". Im Jänner fiel die Wahl der...


Wer hat mehr Strom aus der Sonne geholt?

Die Optimierung der Systemeffizienz und des Herstellungsprozesses von Photovoltaik-Modulen, war die Mission, die das Photovoltaik Forschungsprojekt IPOT und seine neun Partner vereinte. Jetzt wurde das Projekt nach vier Jahren erfolgreich abgeschlossen. Die Forschungsergebnisse sind wegweisend.


Sonnenenergie leistbar machen

Erfolg für Kärnten beim COMET Programm des Bundes. COMET Jury hat eingereichtes Photovoltaik Projekt "IPOT“ genehmigt! Die CTR Carinthian Tech Research AG ist Koordinator des Projekts.

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