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Award for photovoltaic research

At the Austrian Photovoltaic Conference from 13 to 14 November 2017, a jury awarded for the first time, the best scientific video. The team of the research project Infinity won this challenge. The project focuses on climate-adapted photovoltaics.

Representing the entire Infinity team, Lukas Neumaier (CTR) received the video prize from the scientific head of the Austrian photovoltaic conference Hubert Fechner (left). Photo credit: © ©TPPV

Scientific short video awarded 

Vienna: At the 15th Austrian Photovoltaic Conference in Vienna, 200 experts from industry, science and research met for networking and scientific exchange. For the first time, not only posters were used for scientific presentations, but also short videos. The team from the Infinity project came out victorious and demonstrated with the video how it improves the maintenance and service of climate-adapted photovoltaics.

Climate-adapted solar energy

Whether desert, rainforest or high mountains - photovoltaic (PV) systems are used in all climate zones for solar power generation. But the standard models do not work equally well everywhere. Under the leadership of CTR, a total of 14 partners from industry and science are researching on climate-adapted systems to generate more power and thus more electricity. The goal is to analyze the entire value chain - from materials, components and manufacturing to installation and maintenance, and to improve it with climate-related solutions.

Error methods matrix

The short video shows how research can improve maintenance and service of climate-adapted PV systems. In total, the team analyzed more than 1,100 faults on solar modules from around the world and evaluated them in the laboratory and at a real open-space plant. In this test facility, faulty modules were installed in order to analyze them with different measuring methods both day and night. In a method measurement matrix, the team created a clear and visible tool that shows the users which technical measuring systems are suitable for which error analyzes.

Better maintenance

"There are currently many methods on the market. With the research results from this work package, we now have the opportunity to better analyze faulty plants. We now know which methods we should use for which analyzes. This makes us faster, more precise and also more efficient, "says Ing. Markus Spielberger, TÜV certified PV expert from PVSV e.U. Overall, the project Infinity, funded by the Climate and Energy Fund, is running six work packages. The project started in 2015 and runs until November 2018. So far, around 40 scientific publications have been presented worldwide and a patent has been filed.

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