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On February 26, 2018, Norbert Hofer, Federal Minister for Transport, Innovation and Technology, visited the CTR Carinthian Tech Research research center on the High Tech Campus in Villach for the first time.

From left: Landesrat Gernot Darman, CTR researcher Marcelo Ribeiro, Federal Minister Norbert Hofer, CTR researcher Michael Ortner, Villach's deputy mayor Petra Oberrauner. © city Villach ©Stadt Villach

Research "hands-on"

Accompanied by Provincial Councilor Gernot Darmann and Villach's Vice-Mayor Petra Oberrauner, the Minister visited the research labs and the research cleanroom of CTR. The guests were welcomed by the CTR Chief Financial Officer Simon Grasser, who introduced the research center and guided the lab-tour.

The laboratories are, in addition to the technical and scientific know-how of the approximately 70-strong team, the heart of the center. Here measurements, tests and analyzes are carried out, first prototypes are manufactured and also integrated into concrete applications. The CTR team presented solutions for a new generation of car control systems, sensors that make home appliances think along, material control analyzes or high-precision processes for microchip development.

"At the interface between companies, science and the market, CTR's application-oriented research makes a significant contribution to the attractiveness and further development of Austria as a High-Tech location," summerizes Federal Minister Hofer. For 20 years, CTR has been researching and developing new products and processes in close cooperation with science and industry. The research focus Smart Sensors and Systems Integration offer pacemaker technologies to advance topics such as digitization, Industry 4.0, Smart Medicine or Smart Mobility. The results can improve our daily lives in the future - in automobiles, mobile phones, in medical technology in production, in mechanical engineering or in environmental and energy technologies. 

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