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Equipment augmentation for smart integration

Two brand new systems for heterogeneous integration technologies enhance CTR’s research infrastructure. This enables high-precision placement, assembly and chip packaging.

Heterogeneous Integration Technologies at CTR

Heterogeneous Integration Technologies

System integration is making rapid advances and electronics-based systems can be found in a vast array of different applications. To enable CTR’s research partners to stay at the forefront in the development and system integration of new types of chips and sensors, CTR has recently installed two new high-precision research systems.

Fineplacer lambda

The FINEPLACER® lambda can perform high-precision assembly with an accuracy of down to 0.5 μm and is in demand everywhere that the utmost in precision for placing, assembling and packaging is required. It can be considered an all-rounder for the CTR research team because it enables the application of various different connection methods, ranging from gluing to different types of soldering methods, pressure sintering and thermal-compression and thermosonic bonding.

Häcker OurPlant D1

The OurPlant D1 is a highly flexible assembly system specially conceived for the needs of research and development. The system’s modular concept allows configuration for a specific assembly project so that widely differing structures can be realized under the ideal conditions for the respective problem on one and the same system.

CTR has invested in a very comprehensive equipment and accessories package: a Pick&Place thermal head (heatable to max. 400 °C), an 8" wafer trepanning unit, a glue/stamping unit, a controllable UV lamp, a heating chuck (up to max. 250 °C), a volume-controlled micro dispensing head, a flip chip station and a 3D tilting unit for non-planar assembly. In addition to standard grippers, special grippers optimized for custom tasks can be constructed and used for specific applications.

With the Our Plant D1, CTR can for the first time conduct automated and thereby precisely repeatable assembly tasks and offer partners a comprehensive portfolio ranging from the development of new assembly and connection techniques to prototypes in small series. The combination of both units also makes it possible to find the best solution for a specific integration task for the respective partner based on research studies. A significant component here is the existing infrastructure for the direct characterization of entire assemblies or critical individual parts with regard to their mechanical and thermal properties, as well as their microstructural composition.

"With the new infrastructure and our many years of experience, we offer a powerful research portfolio. Our partners benefit from the new opportunities opened up by microsystem technology and heterogeneous integration. In combination with our existing experience and system competence, we can conduct comprehensive research from the chip to the full integrated system."

DI Alfred Binder, CTR Area Manager Heterogeneous Integration Technologies

Heterogeneous Integration Technologies Equipment

Assembly and connection technology

  • FINEPLACER® lambda motorisch
  • Häcker OurPlant D1
  • Wire Bonder TPT HB016 und K&S 4526
  • Inkjet-Drucker PIXDRO LP50
  • Photonic Curing System Pulseforge 1200
  • Schmidt Instruments gap welding equipment

Charakterization and testing 

  • manual Süss wafer probing station, with heating chuck 
  • Bond tester Dage 4000plus
  • Tube furnace for high-temperature characterization up to 1000 °C | 3 GHz
  • Stirling cooler for cryo-charakterization down to –196 °C | 3GHz
  • Polytec MSA500 for interferometric suface characterization; a speical accessory made by CTR enables measurements under pressure up to max. of 100 bar and temperatures up to max. 180 °C
  • Raman inVia Qontor, e.g. for quantitative measurements of the mechanical tensions in Si packages 
  • Helios SEM/FIB/EDX, e.g. for analysing transverse micro-sections

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Fineplacer Lamda ©CTR

Häcker Ourplant D1 with comprehensive equipment and accessories package ©CTR

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