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Cooperation: Villach networks with northern Italy

Villach's business consultant, Deputy Mayor Dr Petra Oberrauner, received a top-business delegation from Pordenone for exciting talks on more intensive exchange of opinions and experiences as well as cooperations. Together they also visited the research center CTR.

[Translate to english:] from left: Simon Grasser (CTR), Deputy Mayor Dr Petra Oberrauner, Guglielmina Cucci, Petra Bergauer, Eva Maria Stefaner. picture: Karin Wernig, City of Villach,

Cooperation on many levels

The head of the Italian delegation was headed by Guglielmina Cucci, Officer for EU Agendas, Economy and Tourism, and EU Commissioner Federica Brazzafolli. "We have been able to find many promising starting points for future cooperation," says Deputy Mayor Dr Petra Oberrauner. The contact persons for Villach were Mag. Susanne Claudia Boyneburg Lengsfeld Spendier, Mag. Petra Bergauer (Carinthia University of Applied Science), DI Simon Grasser, MBA (CTR) and Ing. Gottfried Pototschnig, MBA (GPS). Together they exchanged ideas for slow food, street food and vintage markets. In the first step, Villach is planning a presentation of the successful regional gastronomy format "Küchenkult" in Pordenone.

Research is connecting countries

"The Italian delegation was also very impressed by the presentation of the tpv Technology Park Villach and our HighTech Campus," says Deputy Mayor Dr Petra Oberrauner. Following the presentation of the courses offered by the University of Applied Sciences Carinthia at the Villach site, opportunities for more intensive student exchange were discussed. Also, representatives of the industry are to be invited soon to a round table. The Italian guests were particularly fascinated by the research focus of CTR Carinthian Tech Research and the inter-company training workshop at the campus.

"Research thrives on cooperation - even across national borders. Carinthia and Friuli-Venezia Giulia have much in common, it is all the more gratifying when cooperation at the economic and research level is strengthened, "everyone agreed. The close contact of guests from Pordenone and Deputy Mayor Dr.Petra Oberrauner to industrialists in northern Italy should be a door opener to gain access to new CTR customers, especially in the field of digitization applications. Contact: City of Villach public relations Elena Moser-Sonvilla T 0043-4242 / 205-1713

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City of Villach public relations
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