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United passion for research in Villach

People from more than 14 countries work at CTR. They all share the same passion for research and development which they contribute to operations at the CTR location on the Villach High Tech Campus. A few of them are presented here in brief portraits.

International team

Let’s go behind the scenes and take a quick look at some of our researchers. They are part of an international team of competent, highly-motivated engineers and scientists who work interdisciplinarily, have experience in industry and research and are open for the new and as yet undiscovered. The photo shows from left to right:

Aleš Travnik from Slovenia, who is a Junior Researcher in electronics. His main focus is on analogue and digital circuit design as well as mechatronics. Katja Harms from Austria is a physicist with previous experience in medical research and has been working at CTR in smart systems since 2017. Augusto Hoffmann da Silva is from Brazil and wrote his diploma thesis at CTR on sensor technology and robotics in microsystem technologies. Ali Roshanghias has a doctorate in material sciences and has been with CTR since 2015 after engagements in Iran and Japan. His field of research comprises structural and connection technologies as well as nanomaterials. He is a research expert for heterogeneous integration technologies.

With a doctorate in chemistry, Andreas Tortschanoff from Carinthia, Austria, came back to his homeland after gaining experience abroad. At CTR, he directs numerous research projects and is a Senior Researcher in photonic systems. Hungary, China, England and Switzerland are the previous locations where Tibor Bereczki has engaged in research. A Senior Researcher at CTR, he is primarily involved with the research field of laser physics in photonic systems. South Tyrolean Markus Zauner is an expert in mechatronic systems and transforms scientific findings into initial prototypes. He is a Mechatronics Researcher in smart systems. After engagements in Italy, Switzerland and Germany, Cristina Consani now researches photonic systems at CTR together with her Austrian husband.

Smart systems, energy technology and photovoltaics are the specialisms of Wolfgang Mühleisen from Germany. He studied in Germany and Austria and has worked as a Researcher at CTR in smart systems since 2010. Lukas Neumaier, from Carinthia, Austria, has been involved with CTR since completing his studies, which included doing internships and writing his masters thesis here. He is now a Research Expert for smart systems and photovoltaics in smart systems. With a doctorate in physics, Pascal Nicolay from France has been part of the CTR team since 2011 and is a specialist in sensors which support wireless interrogation. Together with his family, he has chosen Carinthia as the place to live, work and carry out research. He is a Senior Researcher in microsystems technologies and also applies his expertise internationally as a Senior IEEE Member.

Philina Madrian, from Carinthia, Austria, studied physics at the University of Vienna and is currently writing her diploma thesis at CTR on photonic systems. Mohssen Moridi, from Switzerland, studied and worked at the prestigious EPFL university in Lausanne. He has been contributing his experience in MEMS/MOEMS microfabrication and microsystem technology at CTR since 2016 as the department head for microsystem technologies.

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Did you know that ….

  • CTR Carinthian Tech Research was founded in Villach in 1997?
  • CTR’s mission is to strengthen the innovative force of the companies and the location through application-oriented research and development in sensors and microsystems technology?
  • Since its founding, over 270 research partners from industry and science have used CTR’s know-how and research infrastructure?
  • With the “Smart sensor technology and system integration” research focus, CTR has a unique selling point in Austrian application-oriented research?
  • To date more than 900 scientific publications have been presented around the globe?
  • About 135 dissertations and masters theses have been written at CTR?
  • Since its founding, more than 80 patents with research partners have been obtained?
  • An average of 64 research projects a year are conducted at CTR?
  • About 80 staff members (incl. doctoral candidates/masters students) from 14 nations are engaged in research and development at the CTR location?
  • More than 90 percent of our staff are university graduates in subjects including physics, chemistry, telematics, computer science, electrical engineering, mechatronics and microsystem technology?
  • The Career and Family Audit shows that we offer excellent research, working and living conditions?

About CTR

As a research centre for smart sensors & system integration, CTR is one of the leading non-university research centres in Austria. CTR’s objective and mission is to develop cutting-edge products and processes based on integrated sensors, microsystems and nanosystems. Together with universities and businesses in the electronics, plant construction, automotive and medical technology industries, approximately 80 employees (permanent research team incl. masters students and doctoral candidates) conduct research on groundbreaking innovations. CTR was founded in 1997, has obtained 80 patents to date, conducts research in regional, national and international R&D projects and is a member of FORSCHUNG AUSTRIA.

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