Starting point for innovation

Identifying and developing young talent

CTR is committed to supporting junior scientific staff and enables young talent to gain practical experience in an industry-oriented, challenging working environment.

Young CTR

We raise young talent’s awareness of research and industry at CTR and give them the opportunity to gain practical experience alongside a university education. This often also creates the foundation for further in-house career opportunities.

Insight into science and technology

It is extremely important for young scientists and engineers not just to acquire theoretical knowledge but also to see the practical side and learn how to apply it right from the start of their training. The research centre gives them this opportunity by providing an insight into various R&D technologies, thus helping to expand their technical expertise and develop interdisciplinary understanding. Our industry-oriented research approach at CTR also gives young talent an idea of how important technical research work is and how valuable its application is for industry. As an incentive for talented students at universities and colleges of technology, CTR awards internships, dissertations and theses in a broad range of technical fields and constantly strives to increase their willingness to embark on scientific work.

In-house career opportunities

Internships, dissertations and theses are not only a short-term alternative for gaining an insight into the research centre but often also form the basis of a long-standing career in the company. CTR provides various in-house career and development opportunities, with the result that you can start off as a trainee and end up a senior researcher. In addition to on-the-job training, the CTR Academy runs a variety of in-house HR development courses that are often held in cooperation with other educational institutions. You can also attend external training courses and events staged by many renowned institutes in the course of your career at CTR. They are aimed at promoting scientific exchange, new cooperation and research projects, and keeping up to date with the latest developments in research and technology. CTR takes a wide range of measures to identify aspiring young scientists, foster them and involve them in the company and to create value added for the entire industry.

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