Starting point for innovation

Women in research and technology

Female researchers provide vital support in innovative research teams. CTR implements various initiatives to increase the percentage of female employees and help to achieve gender equality.

Female researchers at CTR

A greater number of women means that the teams are mixed at the research centre. It has been proved that the combination of different strengths leads to better, more efficient research results.

Career coaching

Under the government’s FEMtech career programme, we started a project in 2008 aimed at continuously increasing the proportion of women working at CTR. We seek to attract and support more women as future researchers with internships, dissertations and theses. Equal opportunities go without saying and include the same pay and development opportunities for men and women.

Work-life balance

CTR gives staff the option of flexible working arrangements, enabling them to manage their own time and resolve potential conflict between work and family. Furthermore, flexible working hours are also possible at the research centre. This policy supports staff returning to work after care or maternity leave and helps CTR employees to achieve a good work-life balance.

Mixed teams

We believe that mixed teams make for a better balance not just at work but also outside the company. Various outings, parties and informal events are all part of everyday life at CTR and strengthen the team spirit. This forms the basis for good, interdisciplinary teamwork in an innovative environment and contributes to CTR’s success.

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