Starting point for innovation


Research and development activities at CTR are aimed at technological innovations for all segments in the field of Smart Systems Integration. The objective is to bring newly generated R&D knowledge into alignment with customer-specific applications and to make them utilisable for enterprises.


CTR is founded on a vision shared by the federal state of Carinthia, the City of Villach and the Federation of Carinthian Industry with the assignment to create a regional contact partner for research, development, technology and innovation in Carinthia.  Today, CTR counts among the leading research institutions in Austria and Europe as a research centre for intelligent sensor control and system integration and also in connection with the COMET Competence Centre ASSIC. 

From intelligent sensor to application

Numerous industry segments are facing substantial challenges - products and processes need to become ever more functional, powerful and accurate. Micro-electronic and nano-electronic components and systems are key to this development process. CTR researches and develops these elements for customer-specific applications along the value creation chain. 

The R&D Centre

Since 1997, CTR has researched and developed state of the art technologies in the field of intelligent sensor control and system integration for partner companies to make their products and processes simpler, safer and more effective. The R&D centre is therefore the connecting link between research and commerce. It enables enterprises to benefit from the latest R&D results and to significantly strengthen their innovative capacity and competitive ability. 

The high-grade expertise of the international CTR team is the heart of the R&D centre and the basis of its success. Exclusive know-how in R&D fields, an interdisciplinary approach to work and orientation on the highest quality standards make it possible to generate new research results and and make them commercially utilisable.

CTR is an active partner in numerous national and international collaborations between research institutions and commercial enterprises. Regional, national and cross-border exchange enables the creation of a global network of cooperation and opens up new perspectives in research. CTR sees itself as a ‘Centre of Excellence’ of an international network.  

R&D of sensor elements - housing technology and assembly and interconnection tech-nologies - system integration for application-oriented solutions

Industry-oriented Know-How & Services

Whether micro/nano technologies, photonics, simulations, test labs, assembling and packaging, electronics or system design and integration, CTR unites this know-how and the corresponding infrastructure under one roof: from the initial project coordination to a complex sensor system. We make a comprehensive range of development services available in our function as a research partner. 

  • Problem & Target Definition: ACTUAL STATE analysis, requirements, specifications, target/requirement specifications, project partner selection     
  • Feasibility Study: Technology monitoring, literature and patent research, proof of concept 
  • Conception & Design: Simulations, drafts, plausibility testing, test measurements and characterisation 
  • Development & Prototyping: Smart system integration, verification and validation, optimisation 



Governing bodies

Board of Directors 

  • Dr. Werner Scherf, CEO Chief Executive Officer


  • SAL Silicon Austria Labs GmbH

Supervisory Board 

  • Mag. Hans Schönegger, KLH Kärntner Landesholding, BABEG
  • Dr. Oliver Zlamal, KMF – Kärntner Maschinenfabriken Egger GmbH
  • Mag. Emil Pinter, City of Villach 
  • Ing. Hubert Hödl, business consultant 

Scientific Advisory Board 

  • Univ.-Prof. Dr. Bernhard Jakoby, Johannes Kepler University Linz 
  • Dr. Josef Affenzeller, AVL List GmbH Graz
  • Univ.-Prof. Dr. Wilfried Mokwa, RWTH Aachen University 

COMET Strategy Board 

  • Dr. Kurt Aigner, Infineon Technologies Austria AG
  • DI Josef Atzler, Molecular Devices
  • DI Peter Heindl, Philips Austria
  • Univ.-Prof. Dr. Hubert Zangl, Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt
  • Prof. Dr. Bernhard Lendl, Technische Universität Wien
  • Prof. Dr. Hubert Lakner, representative of the supervisory board



  • 1997    Founded as a research centre for smart sensors and actuators
  • 1998    First Kplus centre of excellence in Austria
  • 2000    R&D technologies: molecular imaging, optics
  • 2001    Converted to a public limited company (AG)
  • 2002    R&D technologies: microsystems, wireless sensors
  • 2003    ISO 9001/2000 certification
  • 2003    Winner of Phoenix innovation award
  • 2003    R&D technology: laser
  • 2004    Development of the world’s first laser spark plug
  • 2007    COMET K1 centre of excellence for smart sensors
  • 2010    R&D technologies: photovoltaics, terahertz and Raman imaging
  • 2010    Prize at the Science to Business Awards
  • 2011    Successful COMET K1 evaluation
  • 2012    R&D competence: electromagnetic microsystems
  • 2012    Energy Globe Award regional winner
  • 2013    "Science2Business" Award - focus microsytems
  • 2014    ASSIC COMET Approval
  • 2015    Start ASSIC Austrian Smart Systems Integration Research Center 
  • 2015    New site at High Tech Campus Villach with cleanroom facilities (ISO 5, ISO8)
  • 2017    Prize Energy Globe Award Landessieger Kärnten
  • 2017    berufundfamilie  certificationo
  • 2018    EN ISO 9001/2015 certification 
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