Starting point for innovation


Excellent research requires excellent facilities. In the many CTR laboratories a wide range of high-tech instruments is available for CTR staff, partner organisations and customers to achieve the best R&D results.

Your contact at CTR

Dr. Werner Scherf

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Telephone: + 43 (0) 4242 56300

Comprehensive Know-How and Infrastructure

Whether micro- nanotechnologies, photonics, simulations, test labs, assembling and packaging, electronics or system design and system integration - the CTR unites comprehensively the know-how: as a research partner, we provide R&D services from concept and first proof of concept to prototype development. The CTR offers in-depth know-how in research and application, state-of-the-art assembly and joining techniques and production in ISO class 8 and 5 clean rooms.



Cleanroom Class 5 (EN ISO 14644-1)

  • level of purity: number of particles max. 29; size >= 5,0 µm and 832 particle
  • >= 1,0 µm per cubic meter ambient air
  • air circulation primary air: h-1:9
  • air changes agitation: h-1: 120
  • temperature (+/-1K): 22 C
  • humidity (+/-5%): rF%: 50 %
  • room size: 100m²

Cleanroom Class 8 (EN ISO 14644-1)

  • level of purity: number of particles max. 29 300; size >= 5,0 µm and 832 000
  • particle >= 1,0 µm per cubic meter ambient air
  • air circulation primary air h-1: 9
  • air changes agitation: h-1: 40
  • temperature (+/- 1K): 22 °C
  • humidity (+/-5%): rf%: 50 %
  • room size: 100m²


  • Tektronix Mixed Domain Oscilloscope MD03054
  • Oszilloskop LeCroy LC684 DXL 1,5GHz
  • Oszilloskop LeCRoy 725Zi 4065
  • Keithly Source Meter 2450
  • Wayne Kerr Precision Component Analyzer 6440A
  • LeCroy Waveform Generator ArbStudio 1104
  • Keithly Data Acquisition System / Multimeter 2700
  • BK Precision High Voltage Power Supply PVS10005
  • Chroma Power Supply 62024P
  • EMSCAN Electromagnetic Scanner EMxpert EHX-43
  • Sinton Instruments Cell Flash Tester FCT-350
  • CTR Solar-cell I-V Measurement
  • Sinton Instruments Charge Carrier Lifetime Measurement WCT-120
  • Yokogawa Powermeter WT-3000
  • Rhode & Schwarz Network Analyzer ZVB14, ZVL6, ZVC


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