Starting point for innovation

R&D programmes

The CTR is implementing numerous projects on sensor and integration issues within the framework of the highly regarded COMET, FFG and EU research programs. The projects are run at regional, national and international levels and comprise consortia from 2 to more than 30 partners.

CTR Experts

CTR can fall back on many years of experience in handling and organising international projects and strives towards executing new, future-oriented research projects at an international level.


COMET - Competence Centers for Excellent Technologies

The COMET programme stands for cutting-edge research in Austria with the following strategic objectives: To develop new excellent competencies through long-term research collaborations between science and commerce and to develop and secure the technological leadership of enterprises.

CTR is is represented by “ASSIC Austrian Smart Systems Integration Research Center” as a K1 Centre of Excellence. ASSIC’s focus lies in the field of intelligent system integration by way of micro-technologies and nano-technologies. Through its research focus, ASSIC offers well-founded system knowledge of components, technologies, materials and assembly and interconnection technologies. Interdisciplinary projects in fundamental and applied research make ASSIC the connecting element between science and industry; ASSIC helps close the gap between invention and innovation. More information: ASSIC Website

National funding programmes

The Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) is a national institution for the promotion of research with the objective of contributing towards sustainably strengthening Austria’s position as a location of business and industry. The FFG offers suitable instruments for the various requirements of enterprises, research institutes and university institutes. CTR is represented in the following exemplary programmes: 

Production of the Future

The FTI initiative addresses central issues of concern to the goods-producing industry with a focus on the production of competitive products and increasing productivity to safeguard economic growth in Austria. It sponsors cooperative R&D projects with a particularly high level of innovative content and an increased development risk. Its objective is to generate new insights that can contribute towards the development of new competencies and new products. 


The FFG’s BRIDGE programme sponsors individual projects involving mainly fundamental research that are already displaying realistic utilisation potential to the extent that one or more enterprises are willing to participate in the project. The objective is to intensify research performance in the area of high-quality industrial research and experimental development and to promote commercial utilisation in the area of high-tech innovations.

Energy research

The research and technology programme named “Energy research” addresses topics affecting the entire energy chain from the provision, conversion and transport of energy up to its final utilisation. CTR is also active within the framework of a project that is pursuing the objective of reducing the cost of highly efficient, low-emission energy and mobility technologies as a contribution towards enabling Austrian companies to play a leading role in this fast-growing sector in the future.

SME package

The SME package is directed at company founders and people taking over businesses as well as at innovative, export-oriented small and medium-sized enterprises and offers four concrete access options to research and innovation:

  • Innovation checks: serve the generation of ideas and are offered in cooperation with research companies or universities
  • Feasibility studies: they are used to check the technical implementability of new ideas in the form of feasibility studies
  • Project start: Funding the activities to be prepared prior to the start of the project
  • Research and development in the SME: The  heart of the SME package is the concrete research and development project of the basic programme. Submissions for all fields of technology and for any size of enterprise or project are possible at any time

COIN - Cooperation & Innovation

The purpose of COIN is to stimulate and increase the research and innovation activities of companies in general, but especially with regard to SMEs. Its objectives are in particular to trigger innovations that are new to the market and to companies (COIN "networks"). Another objective of the COIN programme is to improve and strengthen the FTI structures of research facilities and universities of applied sciences under consideration of the core function towards companies (COIN "structure").


EU funding programmes

The EU funds numerous projects, programmes and initiatives to generate knowledge in various European countries. The forms of financing and funding range from fundamental research to innovative product development. The central target groups are individual researchers, companies and collaborations between science and commerce. CTR is currently represented in the following programmes:

ECSEL - Electronic Components and Systems for European Leadership

ECSEL addresses high-end innovations and technological developments in the field of information and communication technology in these areas: Microelectronics and nanoelectronics, embedded/cyberphysical and intelligent integrated components and systems. Funding is provided for transnational, cooperative projects in industrial research and experimental development.

Horizon 2020

The research and funding programme Horizon 2020 is the world’s largest transnational programme for research and innovation. Just under 75 billion euro are available for funding research and innovation at EU level between 2014 and 2020. Excellent research, highly competitive research and business locations, more innovative products and services and a simplified set of rules are the most important objectives of the Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

ENIAC - European Nanoelectronics Initiative

The European technology initiative with the name ENIAC offers an opportunity to implement large-scale, industry-driven research projects of European dimensions in the field of nanoelectronics. Funding is provided in particular for research close to the market that creates prototypes and demonstrators with applications that transcend the boundaries of domains and contribute towards important societal objectives.

ERDF - European Regional Development Fund

The purpose of the European Regional Development Fund is to reduce the imbalances between the regions of the Community. The fund, created in 1975, provides financial support for the development of regions in need. The ERDF is by far the largest among the structural funds of the EU.


The Interreg programme, also known as European Territorial Cooperation is one of the two goals of cohesion policy and provides a framework for the implementation of joint actions and policy exchanges between national, regional and local actors from different Member States. The overarching objective of European Territorial Cooperation is to promote a harmonious economic, social and territorial development of the Union as a whole.

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