Starting point for innovation

Energy research for Friuli and Carinthia

The cooperative project "Smart Energy" fosters nationawide collaboration from Italy and Austria in the area of energy technologies.

Your contact at CTR

Dr. Christina Hirschl

Smart Systems

Telephone: + 43 (0) 4242 56300

Connecting Energy

Energy overcomes boarders - the "Smart Energy" project fosters nationwide cooperation in the area of energy technologies. 

Energy is connecting regions 

The project "Smart Energy - Network of Excellence" supports regional and cross-regional innovation in energy technologies through the development and maintenance of a clear innovation strategy and an organisational cooperation platform. The development of joint research projects, leading to an internationally visible energy research centre is the operative mission of the project.


"Smart Energy" unifies partner from Friuli and Carinthia. From Italy:  CETA - Centro di Ecologia Teorica ed Applicata, University of Udine. From Austria: Lakeside Science & Technology Park, CTR Carinthian Tech Reseach.

The Goals

Research within this project attempts to attain goals among this three dimensions:

  • Crosslinking of companies and science
  • Creation of technology roadmaps and implementation of an advisory board
  • Realisation of best-practice energy projects, that make the nationwide concept accessible to the broad public

Project Facts

Title: Smart Energy - Network of Excellence
Programme: EU - INTERREG IV Italia Austria 
Duration: 2012 - 2014
Partner/countries: 4/2 

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