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HT SAW gas sensor

The high-temperature SAW gas sensor project is aimed at developing a miniaturised sensor for detecting exhaust gas. Integrated in the exhaust gas flow, it will be designed to monitor and minimise emissions.

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"Production of the Future" is one of the largest research initiatives of the BMVIT. In this process, central questions are addressed to the industry. The aim of this initiative is to develop competitive technologies, processes and materials for competitive production


Reducing harmful emissions such as nitrogen oxide (NOx) is a major concern in industrial and engine combustion processes. What are required are small, reliable sensor systems that can ideally be integrated in order to measure the actual emissions from vehicles or industrial burners. This data can then be used for exhaust gas reduction and aftertreatment. The systems currently available on the market are however very large and relatively costly. Industry is therefore showing great interest in the research into new, more efficient and affordable solutions. The research project focuses on three areas:

Project facts

Titel: HT-SAW Gassensor - Hochtemperaturtauglicher Surface Acoustic Wave Gassensor
Start: März 2013
Dauer: 2,5 Jahre
Summe: 618.582 Euro
Partner: CTR, NanoTecCenter (NTC) Weiz, AVL List, Ebner Industrieofenbau

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