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Integrated Photovoltaics including design

PV@Fassade researchers are currently designing building-integrated photovoltaics that are both efficient and aesthetically pleasing.

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Dr. Christina Hirschl

Smart Systems

Telephone: + 43 (0) 4242 56300

Research programme

The "PV@Fassade“ project is supported by the e! funding programme, organised  by FFG.

Building-Integrated Photovoltaics 

Building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) are used to replace conventional materials in façades, balconies or roofs.  In this connection several challenges have to be considered. They not only affect design, construction, materials and circuitry but also the long-term reliability and efficiency of the PV components. Nine Austrian partners in research and companies working in the field of façades and the PV industry together aim to overcome these specific challenges.

Partners are:

Fritz Egger GmbH &Co OG -
Ertex solartechnik GmbH -
Sunplugged Solare Energiesysteme GmbH -
Crystalsol GmbH -
FIBAG - Forschungszentrum für Integrales Bauwesen AG -
OFI - Technologie & Innovation
AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH -
JR Joanneum research ForschungsgesellschaftmbH -
CTR Carinthian Tech Research AG -

Solar Power with sopihisticated architecture

A particular focus lies on creating synergy between photovoltaics and architecture. A comprehensive concept can be achieved by taking input from architects, experts and users into consideration.  The project's specific aim is to deliver solutions for reliable, cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing building-integrated photovoltaics.


Title: "PV@Fassade- façade module with PV-active layers"
Research Programme: e! 
Programmme organisation:
Start: April 2014
Duration: 3 Jahre
Project management:OFI Technologie & Innovation
Project partner:  9
Volume: 2,2 Mio Euro

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