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Innovative photovoltaic measurement system

The terahertz probing of photovoltaic substrates (TIPS) project uses terahertz radiation as a new tool in photovoltaics, for more accurate quality control and as a non-destructive test method.

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New approaches

Terahertz radiation will pave the way for new developments in the photovoltaic industry. Various effects can be achieved on the wafer to alter the solar cell’s power, leading to more accurate and conclusive measurement results.

Terahertz radiation: a key technology in photovoltaics

As efficient measurement of terahertz (THz) radiation has become possible recently, this key technology is now to be developed for the photovoltaic industry. It would enable detailed analysis of photovoltaic cells, modules and materials and can also detect concealed surface structures, layer structures and materials that are not homogeneous. Concrete objectives for the project:

  • What material properties of solar cells relevant to the photovoltaic industry can be characterised using THz spectroscopy or THz imaging
  • How far can the lateral resolution of THz measurement methods be improved with emission microscopy

Developing new directions for the future

The advantages of terahertz radiation and its successful use in photovoltaics will enable more accurate results and non-destructive test methods. New directions for the future and a strategic benefit for the photovoltaic industry will therefore be possible.

Funding and procedure

This project will be subsidised by the climate and energy fund and carried out as part of the NEW ENERGIES 2020 programme.

Project facts

Name: TIPS- Terahertz probIng of Photovoltaic Substrates
Start: February 2011
Duration: 1,5 years
Total cost: €365.555
Partner: Department of Photonics, Technical University Vienna

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