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Identification in car paint shops

Identification in car paint shops Body identification in paint shops using SAW technology

Short Description

Body identification in paint shops using SAW technology

Project Background

Monitoring the condition of components is an important parameter in efficient process management and control. Wherever higher temperatures  (>150°C) are required for longer periods or there are greater transmission distances between sensor and scanner and optical systems are not practical, SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave) technology comes into its own. In car paint shops, the paint is cured at temperatures of around 200°C. The various vehicle bodies have to be identified to ensure that they are coated correctly.

ProjeCT Content 

The CTR experts optimised a SAW transponder for Identec Solutions Deutschland GmbH, a global supplier of industrial, RFID-based tracking and tracing solutions. When mounted on the body in white, the SAW sensor tracks it automatically and continuously through the linked workstations, coordinating the processes as required. The key benefits of SAW  technology in this application lie in the sensor's high temperature stability and the transponders's long service life. Afte a process cycle is completed, the transponder can be recycled for the next car body.


CTR  R&D Service  

Feasibility study, simulation of a circularly polarised metal antenna, completely laser welded transponder housing without soldered joints, production coordination and quality control for the transponders.  

Project facts

Title: SAW sensors for identification in car paint shops
Partner: Identec Solutions, Germany
Duration: ongoing since 2007

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