Starting point for innovation

R&D research spectrum

CTR offers customised services along the R&D chain of development as well as overall all-in-one services to save both time and money during the development of sensors and their integration in applications.

Suitable services for your company

The CTR enables research along the R&D service chain. Whether a concrete service or a development over several stages - CTR looks forward to hearing from you and helping you with your problems and concerns.

‘State of the Art’ as a starting point

Technological research is the foundation of any innovation process and provides a major decision-making basis for the development phase. It consists of researching and evaluating technical and scientific literature and patents in the relevant field of interest and provides information on the current state of technology. It enables a rapid and cost-efficient clarification of the technologies already in existence and which developments are protected by law.

Feasibility Studies

Feasibility studies attempt to cost-effectively test the technical implementation of an idea, or critical partial aspects thereof, in the shortest possible time through the use of a minimum of means. Laboratory set-ups are used to determine how costly the realisation of an idea would be. They investigate which subsequent costs might arise, the possible methods of implementation and which alternatives exist in relation to the idea.

Conception – Design – Simulation

Conception comprises planning the implementation of the innovative project in detail by way of project plans and preliminary testing. Development goals are compiled, from which a research strategy including measures are derived. It contains all the necessary information and rationales including opportunity-risk analyses and time and resource planning. A ‘proof of concept’ during which the feasibility of the entire project is verified on the basis of laboratory simulations and validity checks is also possible during this phase. The objective is to provide the customer at the end of the procedure with precise information concerning the scope, quality, duration and cost of the innovative project.


Prototyping makes it possible to test an idea directly through the construction of simplified, technical or functional characteristics of the idea, thus omitting certain parts of the R&D development chain. Prototyping ascertains the relevant requirements of the product or process and tests them for future applications. User assessments enable corresponding adjustments to be made, leading to a mature industrial prototype or a proven process.

Industrial Development

CTR’s assignment consists of the industrial development of customer-specific system and product solutions with the objective of strengthening the innovative capacity and competitive ability of our customers. CTR enables pre-competitive developments at all levels of implementation under advance consideration of cost requirements, safety-relevant aspects and basic operational conditions. International evaluations during the implementation of concepts, the development of prototypes and their industrial utilisation confirm the high quality standards of the research centre’s interdisciplinary competence.

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