Starting point for innovation

Researching with CTR

The existing excellent knowledge in the field of sensor technology and its integration in applications as well as new future-oriented topics gives enterprises access to decisive competitive advantages. 

Securing research funds

Enterprises often have the option to obtain funding for innovative projects. The wealth of available support options and the different modalities of applying for funding make it difficult for individuals to maintain a clear overview. CTR provides support from the analysis of potential funding to assisting with drawing up the  funding application to providing advice on all project-related issues.


Concrete benefits for enterprises

  • Shorter development cycles and cost-efficiency in the innovation process
  • Faster, less bureaucratic access to additional research resources
  • Temporary cooperation – partner model for flexibility 
  • Obtain funding for research – with information and support from CTR
  • ‘Out of the Box’ innovations through external viewpoints
  • Initiate and professionally manage knowledge processes

Innovate and optimise products and processes

Enterprises nowadays often see themselves facing growing pressure to innovate and optimise their products on account of ever shorter development cycles and an increasing number of competing products. CTR as an external partner helps provide stimuli for customer-specific new developments or product optimisations. From technology research and feasibility studies to finished product and system solutions: CTR covers every development step. The objective is to convert high-tech developments sustainably and profitably into practical applications for our customers.

Flexible R&D partnership

CTR offers different methods of cooperation to interested companies and SMEs - from selective support during the innovation process to a sustainable R&D partnership within the scope of the COMET programme. CTR has a large network of national and international universities, competence centres, R&D facilities and innovative enterprises in all segments. Interested customers can fall back on the CTR network if supplementary skills and competencies are required for a development.

Industry-friendly IP conditions

CTR offers enterprises attractive and customisable IP conditions to enterprises carrying out R&D projects. Furthermore, our customers are guaranteed protection of confidential information and data to ensure their innovations are not put at risk – regardless of the number of project partners.

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