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The integration of “smart” sensors and systems in products and processes is nowadays an important driver of innovation for many segments. CTR develops the technological basics for innovative solutions on the basis of customer-specific requirements. Here is a selection of segment-specific competencies and services:

Identifying and meeting challenges

Numerous industry segments are facing substantial challenges - products and processes need to become ever more functional, powerful and accurate. Micro-electronic and nano-electronic components and systems are key to this development process. CTR offers research for your specific challenge.

Medicine / Pharmaceutics / Life Sciences 

Medical Intervention: Development and integration of high-precision, powerful and reliable systems to make surgical intervention safer or to develop new and innovative solution approaches

Medical Diagnostics: fast, mobile substance analysis through the development of a compact MEMS FT-IR spectrometer; multi-spectral image data capture and evaluation of tissue (e.g. in the field of skin cancer diagnostics); hyper-spectral video endoscopy, etc.

Smart Health/ Products: Sensor systems for personalised diagnostics; theragnostics and nutrition; integration of sensor technology in medical devices (pipettes, endoscopes, etc.)

Pharmaceutical research/development: High Throughput Screening for cell classification; automated evaluation models of chemical processes; composition of drug substances

Life Sciences: Further development of microscopic techniques on the basis of new optical concepts for mapping dynamic processes in living organisms (fluorescence microscopy); integration of specifically developed detection platforms in existing products

Consumer Electronics / Lifestyle 

Smart Products: Intelligent selection, combination, adaptation and integration of commercially available sensors in products and processes; design / multi-physical simulation; additive manufacturing processes for electronic packages from micro-assembly to characterisation and tests; smartphones: Conception of micro-acoustic components by way of specifically developed simulation tools

Product safety / product improvement: Increase consumer safety and expand functionality through the integration of new, industrially compatible, inexpensive components and the automation of analyses; smartphones: Development and optimisation of MEMS microphones through functional packaging

Quality control of food: fast, mobile substance analysis through the development of a compact MEMS FT-IR spectrometer; determination of fruit ripeness by measuring the ethylene content of ambient air; communication of temperature and humidity levels; communication of nutritional information via an app for tablets/smartphones

Smart Nutrition/ Cooking: Sensor systems for personalised nutrition systems; development of innovative kitchen appliances that provide information on vitamins, mineral substances and trace elements during the cooking process; radio-controlled roasting spit for wireless temperature measurement via SAW sensor technology

Energy / Environment / Recycling 

Energy Technologies: Developments for powerful and permanently safe PV systems: intelligent PV cells and system efficiency; integrated MPP tracker; lead-free PV innovations; in-line PV quality control; extended module technologies; integration of PV in building façades; comprehensive temperature measurements on high-voltage overhead lines, etc.

Smart City: Part of the “Smart City Villach” project team tasked with increasing the energy efficiency and generating decentralised renewable energy whilst simultaneously improving the quality of life of the city’s inhabitants. The concept takes into account the awareness of energy consumption and the financing of energy systems as it does the upgrading of the electricity grid to a “Smart Grid”with efficient storage and usage technologies.

Waste Recognition / Separation: automated waste recognition and separation by way of spectral imaging technology; glass sorting by way of Raman imaging; real-time classification of recyclable materials and natural substances; optical recognition of different paper types; wireless tracking of special waste materials

Automotive / Aviation / Aerospace 

Sensors, quality and process control: Magnetic position and orientation detection systems (4-axis multimedia control element, I-Drive); remote sensor system for process control in motor development, in painting lines, etc.; flow simulations; optical inspection systems for air filter quality control; high temperature-resistant sensors for pressure, torque, and temperature; system for detecting disruptive magnetic fields for electrically powered vehicles; integrated power measurement for e-mobility applications. Automated loading and unloading station; intelligent charging station for electric vehicles

Laser Ignition: Miniaturised laser spark plug for car engines and large gas engines; laser ignition for rocket engines in the aerospace industry; laser-induced plasma spectroscopy for analysing solid, liquid and gaseous substances; stable and efficient ignition of various fuel mixes

Exhaust Analytics: Development of a high-precision sensor for the in-line detection of particulate matter; tailor-made, simulation-based integrative design processes for developing a particle sensor and significantly improved system stability and controllability; measurement of nitrogen oxide on the basis of metallic oxides

Light Technology: Innovative headlamp technology for automotive purposes based on matrix laser technology including adaptive lighting; long reach; 30% more light combined with less energy consumption; integration in very small spaces

Semiconductor / MEMS Production 

MEMS Development: Design, modelling and simulation of MEMS/NEMS components; design oftest structures; characterisation at chip level (sensors and actuators); conception and prototyping of microsystems: magnetic, optical, acoustic, piezo-electric materials and packaging; back-end services: packaging, micro-assembly, bonding, design, test and inspection systems

Optimisation of semiconductor production: Functional controls integrated in production; efficient and targeted semiconductor processing for accurate, contact-free measurement of mechanical stress in semiconductor materials; process simulation of systems with various multi-physical tasks (CFD, magnetic, optical, mechanical simulation); optimised production for polymer-based components in semiconductor machine production; high-precision and automated production of test needles for testing semiconductor elements.

Semiconductors - Quality Control: Early detection and quantification of changes in the material structure (surface, sub-surface, discolouration, etc.) in the production of wafer chucks; in-line fault detection system for identifying defects on and beneath the surface; characterisation of material stress via Raman spectroscopy

Industry / Mechatronics  

Smart Production: Optimisation of production (complex production lines, shortest possible development times, low costs); highly flexible production; Industry 4.0; in-line quality control; predictive maintenance; efficient use of resources combined with consistently high quality; ‘zero defect rate’ and strictest safety requirements

Mechanical Engineering: Flow simulation and mechanical simulation for design optimisation (CFD/FEM); optical inspection of micro-components; automated micro-handling; simulation of industrial silencers; wireless pressure and temperature measurement in high-temperature furnaces for process and quality control; RFID sensor technology for comprehensive process control of slag ladles

Steel – Process & Quality Control: automated process control via high temperature remote sensors for fireproof components; monitoring and control of high temperature processes via radio-controlled sensor technology; comprehensive and automated state monitoring of slide plates in working temperatures of up to 1500°C; monitoring of mechanical stress and chemical attack; remote identification of drilling rods via SAW

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