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Master thesis: Characterization of mid-infrared sources for integrated photonic sensors

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Dr. Alexandra Bretschneider

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About US

CTR Carinthian Tech Research AG is an industry-oriented research and development center for „Smart Sensors and Systems Integration“. As the largest non-university research center in southern Austria, CTR has gained a reputation for expertise in R&D sensor technologies serving science and industry at both national and international level. CTR focuses on four main research areas: Microsystem Technologies, Heterogeneous Integration Technologies, Photonic Sensor Systems and Smart Systems. CTR is part of Austria’s COMET research programme with the K1 excellence center “ASSIC Austrian Smart Systems Integration Research Center”..

We offer Short description

State-of-the-art laboratories and equipment, including the opportunity to work with quantum-cascade lasers  An international scientific environment and contacts with our industrial network  Payed thesis work with focus on sensor development

Aim of the thesis / tasks

Recent years have seen increasing efforts in pushing the size of optoelectronic devices down to the micro- and nanoscale. Miniaturized photonic sensors are of particular interest because they can potentially be integrated in small, cheap and portable devices. The objective of this thesis is to characterize existing photonic sensors on chip and at a wafer level, with a special focus on integrated mid-IR light-sources. On the basis of the results, the successful candidate will have the chance to elaborate a design for a new generation of sensors with enhanced performance in the mid-IR spectral region.

In particular, the candidate will:

  • gain a fundamental understanding of both, the sensing principle and the critical parameters influencing the sensing properties of the current devices;
  • develop a testbench for characterization of integrated mid-IR light sources
  • experimentally characterize novel mid-IR integrated sensors based on the investigated sources and other photonic elements (e.g., waveguides or photonic crystals), and analyze measured data
  • apply the theoretical and experimental knowledge acquired during the first part of the thesis to elaborate new concepts for mid-IR sensors

Profile / Requirements

  • Master student in physics, photonics, microsystem technology or similar fields
  • Good teamwork skills, well organized work strategies
  • Hands-on experience in an optics lab.
  • Good communication skills in English and/or German.
  • Advanced MS office skills.
  • Experience with control-, evaluation- and visualization software (e.g. Matlab, Mathematica, Python,…) is beneficial.

Start Date / Duration / Contract

  • Start date (planned): March 2019
  • Duration (planned): 6 months
  • Contract: Payment is based on the collective contract.
  • Place: Villach
  • Suggestions with regards to the academic supervision are welcome.


Apply now via: www.ctr.at/en/application 

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