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3D Magnetic Steering Wheel Angle and Suspension Travel Detection - A novel application of 3D magnetic sensing techniques to increase vehicle safety decreasing sensor overhead

Bruno Spricigo, Federal university of Santa Catarina

Electronics and control are continuously growing subjects in the automotive industry. The development of new technologies to reduce consumption, increase comfort and handling are the number one priority of many manufactures. Various systems that make nowadays vehicles more secure like TCS (Traction Control System) and ESP (Electronic Stability Program) rely on sensing several variables like individual wheel speed and suspension displacement to compare it to an analytical model and decide if action is needed or not. The main target of this work is to propose a smart use of a new 3D magnetic sensor to improve the quality and precision of the suspension displacement measurement and, because of the greater capabilities of the sensor, detect the steering wheel angle at the same time. The mechanical and magnetic implementations are discussed in detail.

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