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Analysis of Single- and Double Core Planar Fluxgate Sensors

Niosha Navaei CTR / FH-Kärnten

Abstract: A Fluxgate sensor is a magnetometer measuring low magnetic fields based on Faraday’s law of inductance. The planar fluxgate structure is an emerging technology feasible for system integration contrary to it’s bulky 3D counterpart with simple fabrication and low power supply. Recently, a novel structure based on an asymmetric double core layout for improved sensitivity and energy efficiency was proposed. The main aim of this work is, for the first time, to conduct a direct experimental comparison between single- and asymmetric double-core structures of similar geometry. This is achieved by the fabrication of a PCB based sensor structure that can be laid out with single- and double core. Measurements were performed with multiple sensor heads in a static magnetic field within ±150 μT in a Helmholtz coil. Different setups were analyzed with respect to supply current, operation frequencies and sensitivity and compared to each other. The investigation confirms the original conjecture and show that asymmetric double core structure

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