Ihr Startpunkt für Innovation

Development of a Magnetic Multimedia Control Element

Leonardo Persike Martins CTR / Instituto Federal De Educaҫa͋o, Ciência e Technologia de Santa Catarina

Abstract: A magnetic system demonstrator was developed in partnership with Infineon in order to present the functionalities and characteristics of a novel 3D Hall magnetic sensor. The purpose of this project was to design a magnetic position and orientation system based on only one magnet and one sensor. To do so, the system must be able to detect the magnetic fields when the magnet moves close to the sensor and then estimate the position and rotation of a joystick based on the measured data. Furthermore, a graphical user interface for Windows was developed in order to show the sensor information through charts and visual elements, which can be controlled and navigated with the joystick in a series of demonstrative tasks.

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