Ihr Startpunkt für Innovation

Forum Alpbach

From August 15 to 31, 2018, hundreds of people from the worlds of science, politics, business, culture and civil society will gather at the European Forum Alpbach to debate “Diversity & Resilience”.

Technology Symposium 

Major innovations have never arisen in isolated monocultures. The centre of innovation and advanced civilizations have always been multicultural, characterized by vigorous trade and cities that attracted innovative minds. That was true for the early civilizations in China, India and Babylon, still known today for the "confusion of tongues" mentioned in the Old Testament, and still holds true for today’s innovation hubs like Silicon Valley or even newer aspiring regions like Bengaluru or Seattle. The Technology Symposium has set out on a search to explore the interplay of innovation, diversity and resilience. Only a functioning combination of these factors can make it possible to broaden our own horizon and learn from "the world". Very often a lack of diversity and the rise of monopolies and monocultures have brought down major cities or enterprises. Whether in society or in biology, only diversity provides systems with the necessary resilience. Diversity and resilience are important factors for innovation and progress. But what does that mean for our increasingly digitized world, where big data, artificial intelligence and virtual worlds are creating completely different requirements?

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Europäischen Forum Alpbach

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