Ihr Startpunkt für Innovation

Low noise magnetic field sensors using topological protected vortex states

Prof. Dieter Süss, Physics of Functional Materials, University of Vienna


Abstract: Within this talk I will present an overview about a new sensor concept that lead to a significant reduction of noise in tunneling magnetoresistance sensors (TMR) which are used for speed wheel sensors for ABS systems in cars. The development of the TMR sensors is performed in cooperation with Infineon AG which is the main industrial partner. The success of the developed ultra-low noise TMR sensors can be found in its dedicated microstructure and shape. In contrast to state of the art TMR sensors, which show a homogenous magnetization the developed sensors are in a unique topological state. Due to the nature of this topological protected state it intrinsically does not show the noise which occurs in state of the art TMR-sensors. This concept is highly successful in test systems and is currently tested for bulk production by Infineon AG

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